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A Kingsman & Kingsman was borne in a joining of two companies, based in Dubai and Alexander Kingsman here in the UK. For several years working together they have cornered the market on providing all the services to enable Middle Eastern clientele to relocate to the UK, with the minimum of disruption to their lives.

So much demand in recent years for this specialised service brought together the merging of the two companies finally forming “A Kingsman & Kingsman”, bringing together a more defined service as a specialist UK Relocation & Client Management Company.

We provide a tailor made and comprehensive service covering all our client needs when relocating staff or family members to the UK, encompassing all employments requirements, any medical related relocations, family relocation and full translator service. We also provide personal assistance for any paper work to include: Visa applications and the general associated requirement in setting up your home life. Furthermore, we also provide and after service support to settle you, your staff or family members into the UK, which can entail simple things like paying your utility bills and setting up Bank Accounts.
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